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01. Discord DJ'S

Our DJ’s, your discord server or ours, hours of fun crypto giveaways and music.

02. Your Music Selections

Get the music you want to hear that will energize your community.

03. Crypto Give Aways!

We will rain your coin to your community during the show along with ours to get bigger turnouts.

04. Popular DJs

Get your favorite DJ to perform at your show! Availability varies so please book early.

05. Live performance

We give your community the information and ads you want them to see during our show.

06. Only Top music

Our Rock N Rains playlists are filled with only top end songs. We try to stay up to date.


About our Group

We are an Entertainment and Promotional service that helps to promote and advertise new projects of all kinds.

Originally, we started out as a concept to bring the crypto currency community together. After seeing all the projects that hodl their small space in the crypto world, we decided to make a place where everyone could come together, have fun and learn about the real crypto community.



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Our DJs

Meet Our Djs

Meet some of our World Famous DJ’s. These are the people that will energize and promote your discord event.


Rock DJ

DJ Prissy

Rock DJ

DJ Trapier

Rock DJ

DJ G420

Rock DJ

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